If you haven't voted yet, click to vote on what tag we should use for Sanditon! 

I will be closing the poll at the end of this week since we’ve already gotten so many responses (an amazing 254 so far)! So if you haven’t voted already, go vote! If you have, please don’t vote again!

Also, if you do decide to choose the ‘Other’ option, PLEASE TYPE IN AN OPTION THAT IS NOT ONE OF THE THREE CHOICES. NOT SOMETHING LIKE ‘I LIKE WELCOME TO SANDITON OR SANDITON THE BEST.’ This is a poll and options such as those ARE NOT HELPFUL and will not count toward the final count. 

Additionally, it should be said that this in no way affects how you personally should tag your Sanditon posts on your personal blogs. This is just to help the fandom gain a consensus of where most of the Sanditon gifs/graphics/commentaries/etc will be located. Also, I understand this poll does not mean that EVERYONE will tag their posts with whatever tag ends up the “winner of the poll” but whatever tag gets the most votes is the tag I personally will be using for all of my Sanditon posts and the one tag I will be tracking. 

Anyway, this got really long and the point kind of got away from me, so GO VOTE :)

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