With Sanditon having completed its first day of filming, it’s time to discuss something very important.


So I was thinking of tracking it as ‘Welcome to Sanditon’ and I’ve already started tracking the tag but I see people are also tagging it as ‘Sanditon’? 

Also: I should probably state what I prefer. Personally, I prefer using ‘Welcome to Sanditon’ just because it sets it apart from Sanditon the novel (although I’m not 100% opposed to Sanditon since I don’t think that tag has a lot of posts regarding the novel in there) but that’s just me.

What do you think the tag should be for Sanditon?

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    SanditonCA sounds good to me.
  2. ablogwithaview answered: Welcome to Sanditon
  3. itsnevertoolatetoturnitaround answered: Welcome to Sanditon
  4. oplik answered: welcome to sanditon
  5. pantstheterrible answered: Welcome To Sanditon
  6. ambientmagic answered: On my blog, I’m using “Sanditon” and “tlbd” for tagging purposes. I’d say use welcome to sandition, though?
  7. tvismyboyfriend answered: welcome to sanditon
  8. patchedworklife answered: Welcome to Sanditon
  9. youreverydayninja answered: Welcome to Sanditon. It’s the name of the series and distinguishes it from the book and is probably the 1st tag new people are gonna look in.
  10. sobetrulyglad answered: sanditon!
  11. butwewereokay answered: Welcome to Sanditon gets my vote.
  12. f3era answered: sandition is more simple
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    Yes I agree, I think “welcome to sanditon” will be the most specific and efficient tag. Plus, as Manon said, we can use...
  14. foodiewholockbookworm answered: WTS
  15. themargaretann answered: Though it’s long, I think ‘Welcome to Sanditon’ or just ‘Sanditon’ makes the most sense. WTS is short but probs a bunch of other acronyms too
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    Thirding Welcome to Sanditon (for sort of selfish reasons, as that’s what I’ve been using :))
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    I second Welcome to Sanditon. (Even though it doesn’t look like the Sanditon tag is terrible active—it does seem neater...
  18. cimikat answered: "Welcome to Sanditon" (my pref) or "Sanditon". "SanditonCA" will be probs be missed by newcomers and "WtS" is too common an abbreviation.
  19. stupidfacemcnerdburger answered: I also like SanditonCA
  20. darquesse answered: Welcome to Sanditon!
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    My vote is for Welcome to Sanditon. I would say WtS, but there appears to be a bunch of other stuff on that tag. And...
  22. ronspigwidgeon answered: I can’t imagine many tumblr people are using the ‘sandition’ tag to mean the actual novel. My instinct would be the simpler one.
  23. goldencages answered: Either “Welcome to Sanditon”, “WtS” or “SanditonCA”; my personal favourite is the last one.
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  26. crimsonrambler answered: I’ve been using WtS and Sanditon, personally.
  27. etverbumcarofactumest said: I’m tagging with ‘Welcome to Sanditon’. It could be shortened to ‘WTS’ like Lizzie Bennet became LBD.
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    I started tagging with “Welcome to Sanditon”, that’s the title of the show.
  29. emmarumbelle answered: I’ll tag it as Welcome to Sandition and WTS probably
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    Stop what you are doing and go put in your two cents. I vote for “Welcome to Sanditon” or “WTS” for short. I’ll probably...
  31. vehura answered: Welcome to sandition or WTS for short
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  33. gandalfcalrissian answered: People tend to shorten things so I vote Sanditon, but I’ve already started tracking/ tagging both that and Welcome to Sanditon, so…?