Working on some LBD Halloween icons… Lizzie’s obviously a cat for Halloween (thus the cat mask) but what should Jane and Lydia be? I’m thinking I’ll put a witch’s hat on Lydia but what about Jane? Also any recs?

  1. nipponq answered: I think Jane would make herself a bumblebee actually…
  2. dramadork884 answered: I could see jane making a really nice princess costume since she makes clothes
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  4. lettingdownhair answered: Jane should be an angel of a fairy.
  5. justlikewonderful answered: Jane should be a fairy. Or a princess. A disney princess? Something along those lines :3
  6. lordathelstan answered: Jane should be Glinda the Good Witch or an angel or something…
  7. lucylivesherlife said: jane is totally like glinda the good witch or something
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  9. literanerd answered: Jane should be Glinda the Good Witch!
  10. faithandfandoms answered: Jane: Angel, Lydia: Devil
  11. analyticritic answered: Surprised Lizzie isn’t a “Spinster” again, to be honest.
  12. knopeworthy answered: someone should be a princess
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