Well, long time no see everyone.

It’s been a while since I’ve reblogged or posted anything to this blog. I’ve been on hiatus for so long and honestly, I’ve had no real desire to come back and start posting on this blog. 

I still love the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I like Emma Approved, I definitely think it’s gotten better as the series went on and I’m actually sad to see it go this Thursday. And I just watched Frankenstein MD and really enjoyed it. I will probably always be invested in Pemberley Digital as a fan.

That being said, I am announcing today that I am officially closing theLBDiaries. I never wanted to do this, I actually really didn’t even know this blog was going to be open as long as it was. But I feel like it’s time to make this announcement and officially close this blog, especially since I currently have no plans to continue running it in the future.

I’ll probably still be making gifs of all Pemberley Digital series but they will now be found on my main tumblr, felicitymsmoaks. You can follow me there if you’d like, or we can say goodbye here.

Regardless, I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for following me, for liking my blog as much as you have and for talking to me over the past few years about this little webseries turned company. It’s been a pleasure.

So I guess there’s really only one way to end this post.

My name is Claudia and thank you for following this blog.


"Was that a Darcy-ism?"


so we’ll… see you around

See you around x


Here’s my second video for Dr. Gardiner’s seminar class with William Darcy.

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